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Apple Stuff

Every Mac Specs - Specifications Site for Macs
Use the Apple external SuperDrive on (almost) any Mac - Mac OS X Hints
Disable Adobe Creative Cloud app on login
iMac 2007 alu hard drive replacement iFixit

Old Macs

Raspberry logoRaspberry

low end tech - ad blocking, content filtering, dns server with pi-hole on raspberry pi - YouTube
Tutorials: Raspberry PI SD card setup using a Mac - YouTube
Buy your Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit Here: If you're anything like me you've had a Raspberry Pi sitting on your shelf for a while ...
Raspberry Pi • View topic - [GUIDE] Raspbian Lite with LXDE/XFCE/MATE/Openbox GUI
Mounting a USB Thumb Drive with the Raspberry Pi - All
This is another one of my "meat-and-potatoes" Raspberry Pi Instructables. What this Instructable will show you how to do is to configure your Raspberry Pi to recognize and automatically mount a USB thumb drive. This is especially useful for exchanging files, running backups and using your Pi as a media device. Before doing this Instructable, please make sure you have your Raspberry Pi up and running, which you can do with The Ultimate Raspberry Pi Configuration Guide Instructable. I'm using the Mac OS for this guide, but you can extend the principles to other operating systems.
Setting up an Apache Web Server on a Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi Documentation
Need to access a Raspberry Pi, but don’t have a monitor spare? This section provides basic instructions for setting up remote access.
Add a DNS record for local network : pihole
I'm sure I'm missing something but how can I add an A record (hostname to IP) to my Pi-Hole so that it resolves a hostname to its local IP...

USB Boot

Free Portable USB Flash Pen Drive Applications


List of html entities

Guitar and Amps

All Guitar Chords Handy Chords Page

Playing guitar solos in band without rhythm guitarist Reddit Post

Find the Amp/Guitar sweetspot Harmony Central Post


Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix The official Jimi Hendrix Site

Record Guide A discography, a guide to the music of Jimi Hendrix

Univibes International Jimi Hendrix magazine

Hear Eddie Kramer Recall His First Meeting with Jimi Hendrix and Session


Muesca is my rock band

Muesca website


How to Write a Great Set List for Your Band
Playing without a set list can be fun, especially if you’re performing for an already adoring crowd that knows and loves your material.


Bruce Lawson’s personal site


Podnutz website